Services Available

In addition to us having a large amount of experience repairing and replacing the locks on UPVC and Composite doors we carry out the following work:

Emergency Locksmith in the Wolverhampton and Dudley areas

We are a local Locksmith company not a National call centre which means that we will usually located close by and therefore able to respond quickly if any of the following circumstances arise – 

  1. Customer locked out in Wolverhampton or Dudley – We have the knowledge, experience and tools to gain entry to your property without causing any damage to your UPVC or Composite door.
  2. Your Wolverhampton or Dudley property has been burgledLock Snapping in Wolverhampton and Dudley is on the increase. We are able to respond quickly if the need arises and will replace your lock and supply you with new set of keys to your Wolverhampton or Dudley home. 
  3. Unable to close, lock or unlock your UPVC/Composite door at your Wolverhampton or Dudley homeThese doors are susceptible to climatic changes. This affects the ability to close, lock and unlock the door. We are very familiar with these issues and are able to carry out an adjustment to the door alignment allowing it to operate more smoothly which will extend the life of the locking mechanism.
  4. Replacement of Multi-Point Door Locking Mechanisms in Wolverhampton and DudleyMulti-point mechanisms if maintained, typically last between 5-10 years. When they do fail it usually means that you are unable to lock or unlock your door. We are a UPVC door Lock Specialist and therefore stock a large variety of UPVC door mechanisms, so if your mechanism does fail then we can usually replace it within one visit. However, if we don’t have your particular locking mechanism in stock then then we have the capability to secure your door and then arrange to return and replace your mechanism at a mutually convenient time.
  5. Replacement of Multi-Point Window Locking Mechanisms in Wolverhampton and DudleyUPVC windows also contain multi-point mechanisms so we are also able to replace these if you are unable to open or lock you window.

Security Upgrades / Free Surveys 

As mentioned above, Lock Snapping in the Dudley and Wolverhampton area is on the increase. We can help to prevent this type of crime happening to you by supplying and fitting an ANTI-SNAP Lock to your Wolverhampton or Dudley home. These locks have protection against this type of crime. We also fit other high security devices such as PAS24 2 Star door handles and Sash Jammers. If you are concerned about your security then please feel free to give us a call, we will be happy to come out to your home and carry out a free security survey. 

Door Furniture Fitting

We also replace door handles, letterboxes, door chains and door viewers.